July 2020 Newsletter

Hi All,

I hope everyone is keeping well and although the weather is changeable at least you can get out into the garden, mine is certainly happy with this wet and warm weather and flowering beautifully.


You might have heard that the Legion has been undergoing some major changes? 

In short the room we meet in (Bailey room) will now become the main bar area and the main entrance to the Legion. 

The old bar area is staying as is for the time being.

The back area that has the snooker tables and tv is now under renovation and will come the main room for meetings. 

All this work is taking place now, we will not be certain of how we stand till the work is completed and we can assess the new space. 

My concerns are: -

I. We will no longer have the use of the projector system or screen , I am presuming the equipment  will stay in the Bailey room area.

2.The room will be smaller so we might have to restrict numbers.

3. Will we still be able to have our regular Thursdays. 


We will also have to take into account any of the Covid distancing rules.


Taking all this into account, if the new space is OK and depending on equipment we will hopefully be able to start meetings in September. Unfortunately this will no longer be possible. All meetings have now had to be cancelled until the New Year, 2021.


Elaine and I will keep you updated as soon as we have any news. 



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