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We meet at the Royal British Legion Club, Georges Rd West, Poynton, SK12 1JY at 7.15pm on the second 
Thursday of every month (except August). We are a friendly group of people who enjoy our gardens. 
We try to make the meetings interesting & fun, with a wide variety of speakers and topics.
Everyone welcome, so please come along one evening and join us! Every month we hold a raffle, plant sales etc. 
Annual Membership £12.   Visitors £3  Visitors are always welcome 

Another month past and another garden club meeting we will miss but, has it not been great to get out into the sunshine?

Good news, garden centres are open, but I do feel that most people have started to grow their own plants or are just enjoying what they have in the garden.

The sale of seeds has never been so great.

I have planted all of my old seed that seemed to never get done. I have a good selection of sweet peas and nasturtiums but the borage did not make it.

Colourful Spring

Graham Royle


At our March Meeting on the 12th,

Graham gave an interesting illustrated talk on beekeeping and bees. 

One surprising piece of information he gave us was the fact that honey bees are thriving. This is due to the fact that interest in beekeeping has grown. In the past 15 years the number of beekeepers in Cheshire has almost doubled to around 650. 

The bad news is that bumble bees and other native bees are continuing to suffer a decline. 

The Asian Hornet!

A threat to all native bees and insects

How to spot an Asian hornet: They

  • have a dark brown or black velvety body

  • have a yellow or orange band on fourth segment of abdomen

  • have yellow tipped legs

  • are smaller than the native European hornet

  • are not active at night

There has been a real sharing of tomato plants around us and I feel if all the plants grow and produce fruit at this end of the village we will be knee deep in tomatoes.

It's the first year in ages I have my hanging baskets planted up so early and it is looking great in the greenhouse as the chilly nights and cold winds are stopping me putting them out.

Did anyone get their auricular to flower from the ones we bought last year?

Mine did and I had forgotten just how beautiful the flowers are.

Going forward, there does not seem to be any way of knowing for certain when large groups will be able to meet.

We are hoping September. Hope you are all keeping well,


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